What is CEF &

Why Should I Donate? 

What is CEF?

The Catalyst Ed Fund (CEF) is a unique tax credit program that allows businesses to directly support innovative educational programs in Oklahoma's rural public schools.

The scholarship act requires that each EIGO dispersed at least 90% of the money it receives each calendar year as grants for eligible schools during the following academic year, with no more than 10% of contributions available to pay administrative costs.

These funds will significantly impact public schools' ability to deliver an excellent education to students in Oklahoma's rural public schools.


You will be supporting innovative and groundbreaking projects within our state's public education system. Students will benefit firsthand from the CEF, as these funds will augment programs and further advance opportunities for a high quality, challenging education.

All contributions are eligible to receive a tax credit or tax deduction, which will directly reduce the taxes you pay on a dollar-for-dollar basis. By law, donors can receive a 50% tax credit for the first year's donation. If donors pledge for two years, the tax credit increases to 75% for both taxable years. Please consult with your personal tax accountant for more details.

We Will Be Awarding

Grants in the following Areas


In an arts-specific environment, it’s critical that students have access to the materials and equipment needed to reinforce arts integration throughout all academic disciplines. These grants will foster the creativity in each student to enhance their will to succeed.

Catalyst Ed Fund has partnered with Oklahoma A+ Schools to provide educators with ongoing professional development and coaching so they can foster the creative environment that builds excitement for learning and integrates the arts throughout the curriculum.


These grants will help schools implement culture-changing programs in science, technology, engineering, and math to help provide Oklahoma employers with the future workforce they need for the jobs of the 21st Century. STEM grants will support innovative curriculum, cutting edge resources and equipment.

Catalyst Ed Fund partners with proven program providers like Project Lead the Way to bring their K-12 STEM programs and teacher development models into Oklahoma schools. With your annual gift, these cutting-edge, metric-based programs can begin to change the lives of Oklahoma students, teachers, and the future workforce.


Today’s classroom should look vastly different than it did 150 years ago, but all too often our schools remain static while the world around them is driven by constant and dynamic change. Grants awarded in this area will provide the catalyst needed for the classroom to catch-up by implementing digital learning programs that enhance instruction and dynamically engage students’ minds.

Catalyst Ed Fund will transform schools by replacing outdated technology and infrastructure with digital pilot projects and 1:1 laptop and tablet initiatives.

Have Questions?


Is my donation used entirely for grants?

The scholarship act requires that each EIGO dispersed at least 90% of the money it receives each calendar year as grants for eligible schools during the following academic year, with no more than 10% of contributions availabale to pay administrative costs. The law allows the granting organization to keep 10% of funds, but we are choosing to give every dollar back to schools.



About The OPSRC

The Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC) is a non-profit organization that provides support services and technical assistance to all of Oklahoma's public schools in the areas of school finance, law, technology, communications and teaching and learning. The center is an advocate for quality public education for all students and is a resource to all educational stakeholders to provide accurate, current information about best practices and policy information. The OPSRC EIGO, Inc. serves as the Educational Improvement Granting Organization (EIGO) for the Catalyst Education Fund (CEF).

All donations to the CEF are welcome and appreciated, and we will acknowledge all who contribute. Please remit all donations to: Catalyst Ed Fund, Inc.

For more information, please contact OPSRC at:

+1 405 212 4802

309 NW 13th St, Ste 103
Oklahoma City, OK 37103




If you want to stay up to date with the latest happenings with CEF and the OPSRC, connect with us on social media.

A tax credit program to benefit Oklahoma's rural public schools.